My One Activity That I Consider Very Important

My One Activity That I Consider Very Important

Education cannot be the sole aim of life for its only one of many passages through which an individual comes in terms with the world and reaches his objectives.

With age, I found satisfaction and interest in various activities in which I took part. Experiments fascinated me and hence I was never reluctant to try new endeavours. What initiated my response to in new fields were actually my fleeting moods and lack of concentration that many people consider as negative qualities. My diverse interests not only proved its importance but also made me realize its downfalls and shortcomings. While I was in school I not only proved my ability as a sportsman but also as a tough competitor in academics (especially maths). Unlike many, I had the fortune of getting some teaching experience even before my secondary examinations that resulted in widening my field of vision.

Although I loved playing a wide variety of sports , I consider my experience as a teacher to be of utmost importance. This is because I chose academics over sports and hence any interest that is conducive to an increment in academic potential and mental capacity is far more essential. I do not have any intention of pursuing a profession as a teacher, but the experience that I have recieved has affected me in a way that changed the pattern of my thought and behavior which touched some lives, specially my parents.

By the time I reached twelfth grade, I had already started teaching mathematics to tenth and eleventh grade students. Mathematics is one of the subjects I understand easily and never required guidance from any of my teachers. I loved the time I spent with my students and I believe that excellant results in school exams from them justifies my claim that my explanations were lucid and easily understood.

While teaching, I found that my students possess different amounts of intelligence and thus their answers were diverse, ranging from abstract...

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