My Palce

My Palce

Glass shatters. There is a mixed smell of scotch and cigars in the air. It’s dark, but I know who’s yelling. “Dad, will you just leave me alone?!” You would think that I’d be sad, but it’s happened too many times for me to care. I grab my already packed book bag and picture frame. I’m leaving, I’m finally leaving. I thought while moving towards the window. There’s a face in the picture that make me lose my trace of thought. Mom. This all should be a dream. It shouldn’t have happened like this.

“Mom, why’d you leave me?” I whisper to the picture. A tear slowly rolls down my cheek and onto another face in the picture who’s wrapping his disgusting arm around my beautiful mother. I clutch the cold, plastic material in my hands. My face heats up. I pull the cardboard backing off and throw it. I then, take out the picture and rip it to where you could only see my mother. Then I put it back in the frame.

I hear my dad stomp down the hall and bump into walls a couple of times. “HANNAH! Geeyet yer lazy ayass over here! Dad-day wonts tuh talk…” He screamed. “Oh God, dad you’re drunk go away!” I say while dropping the frame. He pushes the door open with more force than it needed. “I said get out!” He turns on the light taking the darkness and my protection barrier away with it. This makes the scar below my right eye from my last “Daddy Talk” sting. I touch it slightly bringing back all the horrific memories.

“Tommy! Come back down here. Mama’s getting impatient!” Said an unknown woman downstairs. “Will you wait one freaking minute woman?! I’m telling Hannah to come do the damn dishes!” said my father. “Okay Dad, I’ll go do the dishes.” I said instantly. “You’d better!” he pauses for a moment and notices the picture frame on the floor. “Damn shame ‘bout that car-” “She didn’t die in a car accident.” I interrupted. “Whot? Yeah she did.” He said. “You know she didn’t Dad! You know exactly how she died!” I answered in a harsher tone then intended.

“Excuse me? Whot...

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