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Society for Human Resource Management, (Aug2008).Gas Prices Spark Changes in Workplace. Journal of Accountancy. Vol. 206 Issue 2, p22-22, 1/2p.

This is going over what some of the employers are doing to help out their employees with the high gas prices. There are several different ideas that they have came up with in order to do this. There was a survey that was done by the Society for Human Resource Management to see just how the employers were helping their employees. Some employers are offering the cost of living adjustments, some employers are giving the employees rewards if they are doing good at work. Some of the other employers are giving their employees less work hours, some are giving discounts on public transportation. Some of the employers are even helping their employees with carpools and those who carpool get priority parking.

PM Hospitality Strategies PMHS; PM Hospitality Strategies Creative Summer Promotion ''Tanks for Staying'' Unveiled. (2008). Energy & Ecology,184. Retrieved September 10, 2008, from Career and Technical Education database.

This document is talking about how some of the hotels in the Mid-Atlantic are trying something new for the guest that stay there because of the high gas prices. These hotel include the Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood just to list a few. How their rewards to the people work is when they come and sign in at the front desk they will be given a $50.00 gas card at the time that they check out of the hotel. In order to get the $50.00 they have to stay at least 2 nights and they also have to book the reservation 3 days before coming. The guest will also receive a complimentary breakfast with their stay.

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