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My Personal

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Every year the one question my mother asks me is, what do I want to be when I grow up, and for the last three years I have told her I want to become a pilot. Since then I have set my goals around achievingOn August 23, 1995 I was born in Olney MD at Montgomery General Hospital to Badia Love my mother and Andre Stewart my father. As I have only been in this world for 12 years, I have learned so much from crawling to walking, from mumbling to speaking English. I have a deep love for sports I guess that comes from having parent who was very athletic.

I am young and people always say that I am too young to know or be certain of what I want as my career choice, I feel in my heart that becoming a pilot is my dream and one day I hope to have a very successful airline. Once I become a pilot I hope to be able to take care of my mother the way she takes care of me.

The plan to set myself on the path to become a pilot is to start off by attending Virginia ACE Academy for the next two year sessions to help me learn more about careers in Aviation and Aerospace. Next, my senior year of high school my mother is sending me to Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, Florida where I plan to excel in my academics and flight training. When I graduate I will have my private as well as my commercial pilots license.

I love being outside, some of the things I enjoy, playing basketball, swimming, visiting the Air & Space Museum, riding my bike, and traveling.

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