My Persuasive

My Persuasive

Course Expectations

Course Overview:

Students will learn and apply the following concepts through class lessons and projects:

▪ Marketing Strategies
▪ Marketing Management
▪ Market Identification
▪ Market Research
▪ Promotion
▪ Advertising
▪ Functions of Business
▪ Public Relations
▪ Leadership
▪ Marketing Careers

Students must do the following to be successful in the class:

▪ Attend class regularly
▪ Participate in class
▪ Maintain a portfolio
▪ Do all assigned work
▪ Speak in front of class
▪ Demonstrate professionalism
▪ Show respect for other students, teachers, guest speakers and staff
▪ Participate in DECA activities
▪ Follow school-wide policies

Student Leadership:

Students will be required to earn 400 leadership points as part of their semester grade. These points can be earned through participation in DECA, school or class activities. A detailed sheet of leadership activities will be provided.

Professional Points:
Success (Participation & Work Habits)

Just like a business professional, students are required to be on time, dressed properly with their ID badge and ready to work. Students will be awarded a salary of 5 professional points a day. Points will be taken away for absences, tardies, violation of dress code, or unprofessional behavior and poor participation & work habits. The points will be entered into powergreade on a weekly basis as an assignment grade.


Each assignment will be given a deadline that will be determined by the class. The deadline is the date the work must be completed and turned in. Students who miss the deadline will receive a 10% loss of credit for each day the assignment is late. No assignments will be accepted later than a week past the deadline unless arrangements for an extension have been made.


Students will be graded on the following:

Evaluations (projects, tests) 40%
Assignments (daily work) 40%

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