My Rant

My Rant

Im in a Philosophical Mood. This is what I get when I have too much time to myself. So if you dont like to read alot, stop here. But if you're interested in my view on living life.. please read & respond =)

Quality Of Life.

Modern medical technology has been able to extend life a great deal. Im proof of that. I had Leukemia; Cancer of the Blood. When I initially found out that I was ill, the cancer was in its last stage and I could have died if it weren't treated. But thanks to modern medicine, I was given a second chance, persay.

I was granted a longer life - but a longer life is not always the same as a better life.

Many people are concerned that when death draws near, it will be painful, debilitating, or otherwise miserable.Some would rather die a bit sooner than face that. Would you ?

Assume you have a terminal illness. You know not only that you will die within a year, but also that the last few months will be very painful. Perhaps you would live as much as possible while you could. But what would you do when those last months began? Would you end it quickly in order to avoid the inevitable painful death? Should you do so? Or should you bear it stoically because life is precious?

I was faced with those same questions when I was in the hospital for six months. Obviously my answer to that is appearant; I'm alive. But I will admit, there were times during Chemotherapy that were so harsh and painful that I would have rather ended my life than to face anymore. I did not really mean that I wanted to die. Instead, I felt that a life that would end in painful death was not worth living. Yet I still wonder about my basic premise. If you knew how and when you would die, what would you do?

Even though it has been forever since my last round of chemotherapy, those questions still come up. But, instead of being faced with an illness, I am faced with everyday hardships. I'm thankfull that I'm alive. No doubt. I wake up in the...

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