My secret place

My secret place


1.My secret place__________________________________________________________________4
2. Walkign around my secret place____________________________________________________5


I reckon every person has a need to have some secrecy in their lives, once in a while. People have their secret places where they go to when they want to stay alone for some time.
What is your attitude towards loneliness? Do you think it is a curse, when you are isolated from the rest of the world, left face-to-face with yourself? Or do you, on the contrary, seek it, appreciating each moment of silence you can snatch from the surrounding world?
These small breaks can help you replenish your energy and reorganize your thoughts, so that you can start each day as a new oneā€”not as an extension of a previous one.
As for me, I am more of the second kind of person; solitude for me is a gift, which is valued less by people than it should be accorded.

1. My secret place

Those once familiar smells of the sweet summer breezes become cold, sharp feelings as winter, yet again, has entered the area that holds a special place in your heart. This place still creates the illusion of peacefulness. It still makes the world around you stop, seem like nothing else matters, that everything just makes perfect sense.
Life, falls into place.
As you walk through the distance again getting closer and closer to that destination of free thinking, the radiant sun no longer shines down on you, the dark clouds now have taken its place, looming down on anyone that dares to venture outside for any reason.
You still make the journey.You become into a different mood, one that is similar but very apart from the other mood....

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