my son the fanatic

my son the fanatic

My son the fanatic

Questions about the text - lesson 3
1) Does the son know that his father is looking through his things in his room?
No, Ali, the son, does not know that his father is looking through his things. His father searches his stuff for proves of drugs.
2)      - What makes the father suspicious that something is wrong?
The father is suspicious that something is wrong, when he notice that Ali suddenly has begun moving his things out of his room. His TV, video and so on.
3)      - How can we see that the father worries about his son?
We can see that the father worries about his son, because he turns to his colleagues and Bettina for advice on what to do about his son, who suddenly acts weird.
4)      - Which information do we get about the father´s job in London?
We get the information that he is a taxi driver who works at night because it pays well and we also find out that he has worked as a taxi driver for 25 years.
5)      - What do the other taxi drivers think is wrong with Parvez´ son?
The other taxi drivers is convinced that Parvez´ son is doing drugs.
6)      - Who is Bettina?
Bettina is a prostitute and also Parvez´ friend. She drives with Parvez every night and it is good for Parvez to talk to, because she do not judge him.
7)      - What does Parvez finally find out about his son?
Parvez finally finds out that his son has become a believing muslim.

Textual analysis of My son the fanatic
Point of view

Which character do we follow during the text?
In the text we follow Parez who is living with his family in England. They're roots is in Pakistan, but they are not Muslim believers anymore. They now live as normal English people. Suddenly Parez´ son, Ali, turns to their old religion and pray all the time. The father, Perez, is having a hard time accepting this, and it drives him to hit his own son.

Give reasons why Ali seems to be a fanatic in his father´s point of view?
Perez´ feels that his son is a...

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