My Stroy

My Stroy

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Mystery of the empty bowl

I started out my day like any other, breakfast, nap, bird watching, nap, lunch, nap and a little trip outside. When I was on my way out side, it got stuck in the cat flap door.
Well, I can’t believe I’m packing on the pounds. IMPOSIBLE! It my winter coat, it happens every year. I think. I’m just extra fluffy. Also I drank way to much water and i’m bloated. Besides, I know I can’t be gaining weight because lately, didn’t I tell you, someone has been stealing my CAT FOOD!
I can assure you, I take my meal times very seriously and I know my food has been disappearing. I know what you’re thinking, cats are curious and suspicious by nature but this is a full-scale cat food scandal. I can’t let the theft get away with my tender meaty chunks of chicken and liver. Who knows it could be my cat treats next!
I have taken the time to piece together a list of possible suspects: Mouse

It could be that noisy mouse who thinks he’s so sneaky, more like squeaky. Ever since I hinted to my slaves (some people call them family) that the house is under attack and should buy mouse traps, he hasn’t been very happy with me. But I can’t forget about the chatty bird, or lazy dog next door. And that annoying baby is also high on the list of suspects. I’ll have to put them ALL under surveillance.
My first suspect is the dog. I think his name is killer, very frightening. He has never actually done any thing suspicious, but cats and dog hate each other by nature, I’ll have to tail him. Maybe I’ll hid in this paper bag he won’t suspect a thing and I’ll catch him with his mouth full.
Okay, the dog was a dead end. He just lay in the sun and ate. Out of his food bowl not mine, might I add. He doesn’t seem to be smart enough to plan a cat food robbery.
How about the bird? I know he’s in a cage most of the time but who knows what he...

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