My Yr11 Furnishing Assignment

My Yr11 Furnishing Assignment

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Man Arts Assignment:

The woodworking industry has many different jobs, all with different expectations and skills needed to be successful in the field of work an employee has chosen. As technology improves and changes so does the procedures in the woodworking industry. Employees must adapt to the new technology introduced to the work place and also learn more skills so that they are still a vital worker in the workplace. A few jobs that use the new technology are cabinet making, furniture polishing, upholstery, wood machining, chair and couch making, glass and glazing and picture framing.

Cabinet Making:
The cabinet making industry employees hundreds of new employees every year. All of which must have a standard amount of skills and knowledge in this area. Some of the basic skills include:
. Enjoy practical and manual art
. Able to read and follow written tasks and instructions
. Able to work at a high rate of accuracy
. Have the ability to make mathematical calculations
. Have moderate communication skills
. Good hand eye co-ordination and,
. Have no allergy to dust
If the employees don’t have these simple skills, they will struggle in this area of employment. The jobs that are required of the people who chose this as a career are to:
. Prepare drawings from specifications or work out job requirements by looking at drawings and specification.
. Select and prepare timber and manufactured board.
. Make jigs, templates or prototypes for the production of furniture.
. Mark out, cut and shape pieces using saws, chisels, planes, power tools and woodworking machines.
. Trim and glue joints and fit parts together to create sections of furniture.
. Supervise apprentices and assist with “on-the-job” training.
. Place sections in clamps, apply pressure and reinforce joints with nails, doves and screws.
. Assemble sections to form completed articles.
. Fit hinges, locks, catches, drawers and shelves.
. Repair damaged furniture and cabinets....

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