Dav Barry, The Ugly Truth About Beauty

Accordding to Dave Barry, If you're a man, at some point a woman will ask

you how she looks. I will tell a woman she looks good even when she doesn't. The

truth is you is suppose to never tell a woman she looks bad even when she does to

you, because it is the respect that us men suppose to have for woman. Dave barry

says the problem is that women genrally do not think of their looks in the same way

that men do. Yes this statement is true, I believe that girls to me keep they selves up

better than we do. Us men isn't going to get dress and look all good going out some

where like women do. We worry about our smell on us and how our game is toward

women. Dave Barry says that women grow up thinking they need to look like barbie

I believe that this is wrong because a woman is different and each woman was

bought up different. I think if your parents was high class and everything they did

with you was too. Like they had to make sure that their babies had to have

everything then yeah you was spoiled. Now, if your parents was just regular parents

they wouldn't worry about all the clothes and shoes, and what other people thought.

Those usually be the ones that is somebody worth something when they good older.

Finally if you a man and a woman asks you how she look before ya'll go out, then i

will tell you to tell her that she looks beauty but you would look gorious with this color

on you or something. Now is you and her already out then she must of already

thought she was cute already and now she wants to know from you now, and then I

will tell her that you is the most beauitful woman out here.