Scholarship gives rare opportunity to intelligent students who want to study but find it a bit difficult to raise fund for this purpose.I think I deserve this scholarship because I want to be a part of the solution provided through ICT.

I was born in the mid 80's, at the age of four, I was enrolled into XXXXXX Nursery and Primary School, before proceeding to xxxxxxxxxx College, xxxxxx. I studied computer science at the prestigious university of ....... as an undergraduate where I obtained a B.Sc. degree with a 2:1 in .....

I have gained great exposure during my time at xxxxxx. I have valuable hands-on practical experience, I have come across several Professionals here, and interactions with them have made me realize the vastness of ICT. My interaction with them convinced me that specializing in communications will suit me very well. It has really boosted my confidence to pursue a graduate degree.

There are few achievement I have attain in my professional career but the high point of my career so far was when I passed my xxxxxx exam, it is one of the most recognized networking certification exam in the world and being certified means you have an edge over your colleagues because the exams are real world. I would like to point out also that the success didn't just come like a snap of the finger, I passed the associate exam at my third attempt, one would have thought that the work been carried out on the equipment on a daily basis would make it easy but that wasn't the case as one really needs vast hands on experience in other to be successful.

I have assumed some leadership roles, while I was in primary school, I was the class captain right from my first year till I graduated from the school, I always ensure there that the whole class is in order and also assign task to my fellow pupils as directed by the class teacher. Right from my first year in secondary school I was immediately assign the same role too I became the class captain for the three...