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I am big
Iam small and paste your paper into a form.

I am human
I make mistakes
I ask for forgiveness
I learn
I Dream
I play
I wonder
I cry
I get angry
I live
I love
I laugh
I smile
I get sick
I will get better
I bleed
I have a heart
I have feelings
I have affection
I am only human

tourist is a person visiting a Foriegn country for pleasure business religion etc.

This refers to all the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside of their usual environmenty to enjoy certain facilities or amenities

Tourism products
This is anything produced or manufactured to satisfy needs and wants of tourist

international- traveling abroad

Regional- this is a person who travels within a particular geographical area or region

Domestic- this is a person who travels within the borders of his or her own geographical region spending at least one night away from his or her place of residents

Types of Tourism

Eco-tourism- this refer to the use of the environment in its natural state or form to promote or encourage tourism

Community-this means that the ecology is not disturbed or destroyed but is taken care of to facilitate tourism. This involves a strong interpersonal relationship between the tourist and the tourism sector.

Heritage/Cultural- this the way of life of a people. This involves the use of historical sites monuments, museums, arts, languages, dance, folk medicine, etc. To foster tourism development and allow for preservation of our culture.


Sustainable Tourism-This is the manage use of resourses in such away that present generations do not consume resources beyond the point where they can be replenished for further use by current or future generations.