Naghol Informative Essay

Naghol Informative Essay

Speech & Public Speaking
Prof. Harned

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history, cultural significance, and impact that modern society has had on the practice of land diving (Nahgol), for the indigenous people of Vanuatu.

Central Idea: Naghol has been an extremely vital tradition for the people native to Pentecost Island for centuries, and to these people, the act is far more culturally significant than those who participate in the evolved sport of Bungee Jumping, merely for thrill.

I. Picture yourself… in a loincloth… That thought alone is about as far as most of you are willing to think, but now imagine that you are standing at the very top of a wooden tower, held together by nothing except grass and vines, over 150 feet in the air. You may be wondering, what am I doing up here? Well, you’re going to jump. Not only are you going to jump, but you are going to dive. Head first. Plummeting down towards the ground below with nothing but the reliance on two vines around your ankles to stop you, inches before your certain death.
II. For most, this is no more of a reality than a horrific dream, but for the male tribe members of Pentecost Island, this is a dream of much anticipation as this act is the most sacred yearly ritual of these people, as it’s success ensures a good harvest.
III. I was originally interested in this practice when I watched a documentary filmed by National Geographic focusing on this tradition, and decided it would be good topic for my speech.
IV. My lecture intends to cover the history of Land Diving, the cultural significance of this tradition, and the impact it has had on modern day society, as well as the adverse.

Transition: (Let’s start from the beginning…)


(Pentecost is located in the Vanuatu islands, off the northern shore of Australia)

I. The history of Nagol, Naghol, or N’gol is said to date back centuries to a single man (and woman)
A. The legend claims a man,...

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