Nails Polymers (Cosmetology)

Nails Polymers (Cosmetology)

The three ways that acrylic liquid and powder are applied are to the natural nail as a protective overlay, over a tip, or sculptured to extend the natural nail using a flexible form.

The best device to use when applying acrylics is a natural hair brush.

Monomer is the liquid form and polymer is the powder form of the acrylics. The special chemical reaction of the polymer powder is called polymerization. In this process, trillions of monomers are linked together to create long chains.

Catalyst is the additive designed to speed up chemical reactions. They are added to the monomer liquid to control the curing and the setting time. The initiators start a chain reaction that leads to the creation of fantastically long polymer chains. The chain reactions will spring into action and start causing monomer molecules to permanently link together into these long polymer chains. Mix ratio is the amount of monomer liquid and polymer powder used to create a bead.

Supplies used for acrylic nail enhancements:

- Acrylic (methacrylate) nail enhancements

- Acrylic (methacrylate) monomer liquid

- Acrylic (methacrylate) polymer powder

- Nail dehydrator

- Nail primer

- Abrasives

- Nail forms

- Nail tips

- Nail adhesive

- Dappen dish

- Nail brush

- Safety eyewear

- Dust masks and protective gloves

Nail primer was dangerous because they were acid-based and were corrosive to the skin and potentially dangerous to the eyes, acid free or nonacid primers were developed.

Rebalancing is a method for maintaining the beauty, durability and longerity of artificial nail enhancements.

An oligomer is a short chain of monomers that is not long enough to be considered a polymer. Viscosity is a measure of a fluids resistance to flow.

Supplies used for the application of UV Gels:

- UV gel lamps – designed to produce a correct amount of...

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