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When you apply for a job, y usually fill in an application form or send yr CV with a covering letter (a letter containing extra info. about ysf). The you have an interview. If it goes well and the employer is satisfied with yr references you will get the job. You sign the contract and become an employee. A job can be well-paid/highly-paid or bably-paid/low-paid. A job can be full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary. If yr working conditions are good and y have the chance to be promoted, then y will probably get a lot of job satisfaction.
If y want to lease yr job, you resign or hand in yr resignation. If a company no longer needs an employee, it will make him redundant. If an employee’s work is not good enough, the company may dismiss him. In less formal English we use the verbs fire or sack, or the noun the sack : his boss sacked/fired him, his boss gave him the sack, he got the sack. When y stop working b/c y’v reached a certain age, you retire.

A stereo is a machine used for listening to CDs, tapes, etc. a small CD or tape player that y carry around with you is called a personal stereo. You listen to a personal stereo with headphones. When y want to listen to music, etc. you put a CD or tape on. And MP3 player allows you to listen to music files that y’v downloaded from yr computer. If y want to make the music louder, y turn the volume up. If y want to make it quieter, y turn it down.

If y study literature at school or uni, y study poetry, drama and fiction. A pr. who writes plays is a playwright and one who writes plays is a playwright and one who writes poetry is a poet. A great work of literature is called a classis. The study of Greek and latin literature is called classis.

If y cannot afford sth, you can take out a loan, for example for a bank. You can say : I am going to borrow some money from the bank or the bank is going to lend me some money. You will then owe the money and y will have to...

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