Namkeen Project Finances

Namkeen Project Finances

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1. Asha Jain WRO 380384
2. Smith Shah WRO 0381329
3. Priya Chandak WRO 0412488
4. Ruchi Gandhi WRO 0335595
5. Mohit Nandwani WRO 0353278



1) Introduction
* Namkeen and sweets industries in India
* Market Segments
* Namkeen and sweets Products
* Licenses required starting up
2) Objective, Mission and Vision.
3) Entrepreneur’s profile
4) Organisation
5) Project Overview
6) About of project
7) Cost of Project
8) Projected financial statement
9) Ratio analysis
10) Swot analysis
11) Conclusion


The misconception about this industry is that people take it as a “get quick rich” but it is “work hard and make a living” industry.
Namkeen and sweets industry in India today has an important place in the industrial map of the country. Namkeen and sweets products are an item of mass consumption in view of its low price and high nutrient value. With rapid growth and changing eating habits of people, Namkeen and sweets products have gained popularity among masses.
Namkeen and sweets is a traditional activity and occupies an important place in food processing industry. Despite the advent of fully automatic and semi-automatic sweets as well as namkeen making plants, a sizeable number of people still prefer fresh sweets and other products from namkeen.
With growing population and preference for fresh and ready-to-eat convenient food items, demand for namkeen products is steadily increasing. There are many types of namkeen, Wafers, Sohan Papdi, Sohan Halwa, Ghewar, Meva sweets different, etc. having ready market round the year.
Each product enjoys a very wide range in terms of size or weight, flavors, end-use and so on. There is a tremendous scope to introduce new varieties every year. A Namkeen and sweets can be set up in urban as well as rural areas.
The Namkeen and sweets shop...

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