Nanosensors Market

Nanosensors Market

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Nanosensors are biological, surgical or chemical sensory points used to convey information about nano-particle to
the macroscopic world such as human observer or electrical device. Alternatively they can be defined as extremely
small devices that are capable of detecting and responding to physical stimuli such as biological or chemical
substances, acoustics, thermal or electromagnetic signals having dimensions in the order of one billionth of a meter.
In today’s scenario nanosensors market is highly fragmented and posses a wide range of applications such as
healthcare, defense, environmental monitoring, communication and others. In general nanosensors consist of
biosensitive layer that can either contain or are made up of biological recognition element covalently attached to
transducers. The interaction between the target analyte and bioreceptor generates physiochemical changes that are
later converted into measurable forms such as an electrical signal.
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Nanotechnology research has enhanced and broadened the scope for its application in various domains which has
led to the form a general belief among key opinion leaders that medical and biological application of nanosensors is
likely to form the greatest area of expansion in next 6-7 years. In order to optimize the...

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