Narative Essas

Narative Essas

Kyle Free
English III

Achieving the Privilege to Drive

Most teenagers who decide to get their license at sixteen are anxious to start driving on their own. One teen named Kyle undertook the tedious task of going to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) office and waiting for an amount of time that no human being should every wait for. But in the end it’s all worth it for a small slip of paper that opens up all roads for traveling. On a hot summer’s day in August Kyle’s father, Steve, decided to take his son to the DPS to get his first driver’s license. Kyle had driven many times before but always with a parent in the passenger’s seat correcting him and pointing out almost every fault. And with his legal documents in hand, he was prepared to wait, but he wasn’t prepared for the wait that was awaiting him.
Upon arrival it did not look like the inside was crowded, but going through the doors revealed the true colors of this “waiting game.” The cruel system they had consisted of a line in which you waited in to submit your query, and after that line there was a waiting area set up with chairs, and lastly a line that took you to the final step in the waiting process. The entire establishment was quiet for the most part, with chatting and laughing among the crowd. After waiting in a moderate sized line, Kyle and Steve approached the counter and stated the reason for being there. The woman working at the desk had a dull tone in her voice as she asked them some basic questions. When she was finished she assigned a number to the pair and sent them on their way.

The second area looked as if a waiting expert designed a state of the art waiting room. It had 2 windows that made up the back and side walls, put there to remind the poor waiting people that there is a world beyond the walls of the DPS. As Kyle and Steve sat down they did what almost every person does in a strange place: they get a look of their surroundings. Upon...

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