Narrative Becoming a Mom

Narrative Becoming a Mom

9/20/10, Essay #2
Birth Day

All of my life I have always aspired to become someone great; to have one perfect skill. I never realized that being a mother would define who I am.

I woke to my alarm clock; it was 7:30. I knew I couldn’t sleep any longer. Today was my last day without a baby, tomorrow I would be induced into labor. Right about the time I reached for the snooze button, I felt something, something that meant I wouldn’t be waiting another day for my baby. As soon as I informed the baby’s daddy, Kody, that my water had broken, he jumped out of bed. After a few minutes of pacing the bedroom floor, he started making the necessary phone calls. I decided to take a quick shower, which of course was the last thing Kody wanted me to do. I packed his bags and a few last minute items, grabbed my bags, and we headed for the hospital. I had to remind Kody that it wouldn’t be a wise idea to get pulled over for speeding. He was too nervous to pay me any attention.

Once we arrived at the hospital, we found out we would be playing the waiting game. Doctors and nurses took turns coming in and out, but still no baby. It was during this time several people took turns shifting in to give their congratulations and pray with us over the labor. I kept my mother very close; I wasn’t too sure how I would manage without her there to keep me calm. I will give myself a little credit; I was keeping a pretty level head. I think an element of the calm was also the fact that I had already received a much needed and desired epidural. The doctor told me it would be around seven in the evening before we would have our bundle of joy.

At seven, the doctor came in to check on the progress when she realized the baby was turned wrong. If I was to deliver with the baby facing the wrong direction, we would have major complications. One, the baby would be severely bruised and swollen. Two, I could hemorrhage; the doctor was not willing to take that risk. She...

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