Narrative conversation between Montresor and Fortunato

Narrative conversation between Montresor and Fortunato

Montresor hears a knock at his door. He gets out of his favorite dark scarlet red chair, and proceeds toward the door expecting Fortunato over for dinner, but having the intent to have Fortunato judge some of his wines. Once Fortunato steps in and notices the red chair he says, “Why the first piece of furniture I notice in your home is drenched in the color of blood my friend?” Montresor lowers his head slightly and shrugs softly. Thinking to himself “why does it matter to you?” Slightly annoyed Montresor guides Fortunato toward the dining room, where he offers up some of his best wines to Fortunato. Montresor quickly accepts the generous offer, and Montresor sends his servants to fetch only the best of his wines from his cellar. As the servants are fulfilling their duty Fortunato begins to tell Montresor of his very unique connoisseur skills.

Fortunato: “I have had various sorts of wines throughout my lifetime. I am glad to be able to taste your vast storage of wines.”

Montresor: “Have you now? Well it is an honor to have such a fine connoisseur taste my wines”

Servant: “I have the wines you requested sir”

Montresor: “thank you, now attend to the main course”

Fortunato and Montresor just received the scarlet colored wine and are about to begin tasting.
Montresor: “Fortunato before we begin I must let you know I am in search of the great and rare Amontillado. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find a cask would you? “
Fortunato: “I may have the taste of a complacent king, but no my friend I do not know where to find that unique specimen.”
Montresor: “that is a shame…”
Fortunato: “yes… BUT! When you do find some please let me be the first know and I will taste it for you to ensure that it is a genuine cask, because there are plenty of maleficent merchants.”
Montresor: “I wouldn’t think twice of it!”
The servant enters the room with the main course, a four cheese lasagna.
Servant: “excuse me, the food is ready sir.”
The servant then...

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