Narrative Observation

Narrative Observation

Level 4 Professional Diploma in Child Health Care

Title: Physical Development of a 5 month old child.

Date: 17.09.2010 Time started: 10:00 am Time Completed: 10:20 am

Name of Child: Baby M
Date of Birth: 01.06.2010
Age of Child: 5 months old
Sex of the Child: Female

Aim of the Observation: The aim of this observation is to observe the physical development of a 5 months old child at home and through interaction with her mother.

Background Information:

Baby M with no known disability was delivered by caesarean section. Other than this, Baby M is in full health and reaching new milestones each day. Baby M is the first child to be born into the home.

The setting:
Mother and baby M are in a safe and secure home environment.

Start of Observation: 10:00 am

I visit Baby M at her home to observe her physical development. Baby M is lying on the bed playing with her mother. She ‘extends her arms and legs and arches her back. After a few minutes, she rolls over on her back and lifts her head and shoulders. Baby M smiles and makes noises as she looks at the face of her Mother who is talking to Baby M in her baby talk. Baby M’s mother gives her a toy to grab with her hands; she is able to hold the toy with both hands.

Baby M’s mother sits her momentarily without assistance and surrounds her with pillows to cushion a possible fall. Baby M’s mother encourages her to play face-down on the floor and Baby M lifts her head and chest to see her toys.

End of Observation: 10:20 am

Piaget theory suggested that the adult's role in helping the child learn was to provide appropriate materials for the child to interact and construct. During this stage, the child learns about themselves and their environment through motor and reflex actions.

According to Oswalt (2007), babies of this age have an amazing grasping ability and reflex. Babies continue to...

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