Narrative Response

Narrative Response

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Staged Photography
Reading Response: Narrative

Tina Barney Reading:
What I responded to most from the Tina Barney reading was her responses to finding subject matter, accidents and her advice to budding photographers. I really responded to her point that photographers should sit down and think about what your life is about, and what you’re about. I know that a lot of photographers starting out, including me, freak out in the beginning about where they want to be with their work and within the job force. I think sitting down and thinking about who you are and what your life is about or what you want it to be about is good advice and I hope to have some time this break to reflect myself.

Jeff Wall Reading:
What I responded to in the Jeff Wall reading was that his images should be experienced rather then used to illustrate a predetermined idea. The concept that an image should be experienced rather than just seen challenges the ideas I have, and makes me think about my own work and how I can create an experience from my own images, rather then just illustrating an idea. I like reading about how his techniques of producing are much like a movie set feel as well. It’s interesting that he describes himself as “cinematographic” and not a photographer.

David LaChapelle Reading:
What I responded to in the David LaChapelle reading was the fact that he’s really aware of how he is treating the people he is working with. I fully agree with the point that he makes, “there’s no point in creating a beautiful picture if everyone had a bad time at the shoot”. I think that all photographers, and pretty much everyone in general needs to keep this in mind when working with other people. I feel like in our society, and especially in the photography world we forget that people are human and have emotions and feelings. His story behind the Italian Vogue shoot was interesting to read about.

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