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3.5 Essay

There’s no doubt about it; my favorite season has just got to be summer. Summer is the time when I truly have personal freedom in my life. I can sleep as late as I like. I can go where I want to go, when I want to go, and finally, I can vacation when it suits me and my schedule.

To some people, being able to sleep when you want may not seem like such a big deal, but it is to me. And it is a big deal because during the school year, when I’m at my job, I need to get up at 5 am. I hate that; I am not an early morning person, yet I’m forced to be. Okay, it is my fault because I chose this profession, but that doesn’t mean I like every aspect of it. Another aspect of the job is getting summers off, and that’s when I have the freedom to stay up late and consequently sleep late the next day. The point is, I can choose for myself on a day-to-day basis how late or early I will sleep. Now that’s freedom I enjoy!

Another aspect of summer for me is the freedom to do “my own thing.” Of course this is related to having the summers off, but I anticipate that. After I’ve decided what time I need to get out of bed, then I can spend my day accordingly. I have the freedom to make the most of my time, or sit around and seemingly do nothing. It’s the days that I get nothing done that I realize just how much liberty I do have in the summer, because other times of year I can not get away with that without severe consequences.

Ah vacation! Yes, it usually requires planning, and of course that’s fine. But with summer time I can go any time that is convenient for me or the rest of my family. I don’t have to be restrained by my schedule since I don’t have one. I can make last minute plans if I want; I don’t have to make arrangements to have someone cover for me. And if I’m visiting family members, I can stay as long as I can stand them (and them me).

Bring on the excessive heat and the high humidity; I can take it! With the...

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