Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Answer Sheets.docx

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Answer Sheets.docx

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Business Communication and Etiquette

Q.1 Specter Global Ltd. had been a business leader in the software industry. However due to increased competition and market conditions, they were constantly losing talent due to attrition. The leadership focused their efforts on building an employee engagement strategy to retain their top talent. They conducted a focused group discussion last year and invited participation from all departments to provide their inputs on what steps can be taken by the organization & HR to improve the employee morale and working conditions.
The activity yielded some very insightful results and now it was up to the management to implement these suggestions. However, due to lack of resources and necessary support in implementing the change, another year passed by and no significant employee engagement initiative could be rolled out.
In the first quarter the organization won a couple of prestigious projects and were excited that this is the perfect opportunity to regain their leadership position in the industry. Appraisals were just around the corner and they could foresee lack of cooperation from employees to enlist their support in roll out of the projects. Considering this would be a big opportunity loss, the management decided to address the employees in a town hall and address the concerns of their employees.
Assuming you are the Vice President of the organization, designated to garner support from the employees,
a) Share the strategy you would adopt to address the employees and gain their cooperation
b) How would you prepare to handle the objections that the employees may have?

Q.2 A well-known media organization has created a controversial campaign which highlights the inadequacies...

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