Naruto-Chapter 1: the Return

Naruto-Chapter 1: the Return

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Chapter 1: The Return

I think it’s obvious I don’t own Naruto.

Well first fan fic…lets get this thing going shall we.

I will try to keep everyone as close to there true selves as possible, however I make no promises. Some changes are sure to be made other wise how is it a fan fic? Idk if I will have any OC’s or not either, for now there are none but who knows what will happen. Also at first it will stick pretty much to the beginning of the shippuden story to a degree but it will start to change as I go…hope everyone likes it.

It has been two and a half years since our favorite ninja headed out to strengthen himself with the perverted sage (A/N: Jiraiya). As he trained so did everyone else. All of the rookie 9 as well as team Gai were now at least chunnin. Neji, and Shikamaru, even though he thought it was troublesome, had even become jounin. Even though they were the only ones to reach this level so far out of the group, all of the others were considered to be the best chunnin the village hidden in the leaves had to offer and would all be jounin in no time.

Tsunade looked up from here massive pile of paperwork. ‘Man I hate my job’ she thought to no one in particular. She leaned back deciding to take a short break. As she looked out of the window and gazed upon the village, she couldn’t help but let her mind wonder to two of her favorite shinobi. ‘They should be returning to the village any day now. Last I heard from Jiraiya they were somewhere in Rice country. However she couldn’t be too sure now because that was several months ago. I hope they get back soon I miss those two idiots terribly.’ With that she decided to get back to work, pouring herself some sake in the process.

As the day passed in to afternoon, two small specks were seen in the distance walking toward the main gate of Konoha. One was about six four. He wore a green under layer that was sleeved and ran down to his shins and was covered by a sleeveless red shirt that hung...

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