Nashua Promotional Strategy

Nashua Promotional Strategy

1. Introduction

Within an organisation, sales are driven by promoting the company’s goods or services to pools of potential buyers. The ways in which an organisation promotes its corporate image and brand will largely determine whether they have successfully planted the right messages in the minds of their target audience. The following proposition will therefore approach an already existing organisation, such as Nashua and suggest how they could extract the most value from their financial and creative resources and devise an integrated marketing communication programme that will strengthen and increase awareness of the brand in the market and facilitate them in attaining competitive advantage.

2. Understanding the promotional mix as a whole

It is not enough for a business to have good products sold at attractive prices. To generate sales and profits, the benefits of products have to be communicated to the consumers. In marketing, this is commonly known as ‘promotion’. However an organisations total marketing communication programme is termed the promotional mix and consists of a blend of various promotional elements. These include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, sponsorship and public relation tools. It is the organisations decision to choose which elements of the promotional mix will best meet their marketing objectives and be most profitable. If customers do not know what products and services an organisation provides, then the business will not survive in today’s competitive marketplace.

A company therefore needs to take time in planning, developing and implementing an appropriate promotional mix which uses a balance of tools in a planned and structured way, as a single tool rarely works well in isolation. The combination of tools used will dramatically depend on the target audience, the message the organisation wishes to communicate and the budget the organisation makes available. Selection of the right...

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