Nathan Lou

Nathan Lou

HEFP Business study
Socioloy note

Lesson 1
17th Sep 08

Defining Sociology:
Sociology is the study of the inter-action of individual human beings in groups and specific eontexts, situations and institutions. It is also the attempt to make sense of the consequences of those realtionships, whether the results are beneficial or malign to the individuals, groups ot institutions concernec. (David Kennett 2006)

Sociological Theory:
Societies could and would progress.
Scientific priciples could be used to understand society.
Rational thought could be employed to ensure society is organised to meet human needs.

The implication of sociological therty:
Inequality between persons will decrease, not increase.
It is the duty of the grovenment to ensure a fairer, more equitable society.
It is possible to make provety histroy.

A group of people who share an economics situation such as occupation, income and level of wealth, to which can be added level of education, social status, power and influence in society and life chance.

Are social rules which define correct and acceptable behaviour in a society or social group to which people are expected to conform.
Custom are norms which have existed for a long time.

Are general beliefs about what is right and wrong, and the important standards which are worth maintaining, and achieving in a society and social group.
E.g. In materialism greed is good.

Conflicts of values

Lesson 2
19h Sep 08

A person's rank or place in a hierarchical society usually relate to a person's class of prestige accorded to him by other.

The role position a person has a specific time, this could be suppose partner, child or consumer.

Ascribed status (can not be changed), such as date of birth.
Achieved status (can gain by your effort), such as qualification.

Ascribed status is the social status a person is assigned at birth or assumes involuntarily later in life.

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