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Computer related ques & ans

1. How do i registered my bsnl dial-up connection?
Ans: Source to PDF

PDF to WORD convertor program
Easy PDF to Text Converter 2.0
Try this online converter:
you don't need to download a software

2. EI7 or firefox?

I've been trying to download adobe flashplayer but nothings not telling me if it's downloading or not..a guy who works in computers told me my best bet was to download firefox..i never heard of firefox so i assumed it was similar 2 adobe flashplayer, until it was just now brought to my attention that firefox is another browser..surprise for me, huh? anyway, which one is better and can u have both ei and firefox? Not only that, is firefox even safe? If i do download it i would only use it for certain sights anyway..well at least i think would.

You should have an anti-spyware solution on your computer. I recommend that you go to and get AD-AWARE and SpyBot Search & Destory. Install, run, update and scan your computer with both programs.

3. What are the benefits in buying ready built PCs rather than own built?

Advantages of buying OFF THE RACK
- lower cost
- good retailers accept RETURNS
- technical support
- manufacturer downloads
- Comes with RESTORE disk (or make your own)

Advantages of BUILD YOUR OWN
- you pick the parts
- can build AWESOME speed at a lower price
- You learn a great deal

Disadvantages of buying OFF THE RACK
- picked a bogus brand, now you are Stuck with it
- they may have unsed inferior hardware that does not last too long. GOSH, if they used a MAXTOR hard drive, it might be dead in 3 years.
- support might STINK
- arrived BORN DEAD, and you are stuck with many hours of tech support.

I recommend BUYING a computer from STAPLES. They have a perfect 14 day NO...

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