Native American Cultures

Native American Cultures

In this essay I will explain how the globalizing of the aboriginals may threaten the last strings attached to

Native American cultural revitalization. Aboriginal Cultural is an integral part of our Canadian identity.

Historically it has shaped and formed Aboriginal communities. With the digression away from their

historic traditional cultural identity. The Native Americans struggle to maintain their cultural identity.

Instead of copious amounts of distinct tribes dispersed around Canada, they have been assimilating in

western culture and gravitating to an urban life in Canada. They have learned a common language,

English, so they can acculturate into today’s society. This in essence means that Native North

Americans are globalizing.

Of the original Indigenous Peoples and more than 300 languages in North America, nearly 600

Tribes and 175 living languages remained in 1997, of these languages many were spoken primarily By

elders, and 125 languages of the 175 were spoken only by middle aged or older adults. Fifty-five

languages were spoken by 1 to 6 people, and only 20 were spoken by children. As many as 55

languages may have vanished since 1997. This has occurred primarily because of a lack of cultural

revitalization and the assimilation of the Aboriginals into the common western culture.

In Canada long before any European landed on its shore. Archaeologists believe that North

American Aboriginals originated in Asia and came over the land bridge connecting Siberia and

North America during the Ice Age. It is believed by scientists that Aboriginals first lived in Canada

anywhere from 10,000 to 13,000 years ago. However, some Aboriginal tribes believe that life on Earth

began with their creation in North America, and entirely reject the notion they immigrated here at all.

Regardless of how the aboriginal people came to north America their evolution from a...

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