natural selection

natural selection

Natural selection is a theory that explains how change takes place in a gradual manner with

changes in time. The theory was put forward by Charles Darwin in the attempt to explain why

species in different geographical locations did not have similar characteristics. According to the

theory, evolutionary change arises because each generation has a variation and the survival of

populations. The gradually changing environment heightened by possession of the best

combination of variable characteristics that are best suited to the environment. According to

darwin theory, the individuals of the population that possess characteristics that are best suited or

adapted to the existing conditions of survival have a higher probability of surviving in that

environment, where they will undergo reproduction to produce offspring that inherit traits from

their parents, thus enhancing the generation of the species that best suits the existing favorable

conditions. In any environment, organisms reproduce a large number than the number required

to place the existing organisms. This implies that the population of the species will face a gradual

increase, however the population of all species seems to be at constant numbers all the time. This

shows that despite the rapid reproduction the number of organisms of a species doesn't show any

significant increase.the contributing factor is that in any given environment the amount of

resources is limited (food,space,water,and any other type of resources that the organism needs).

This implies that the individual will have to compete for the access of the limited resources in the

area, and that the organisms with the most suited characteristics will access these limited


Sexual selection is a special case of natural selection. Sexual selection acts on an

organism's ability to obtain or successfully copulate with a mate.Selection makes many


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