Nature and Strength of Samsung Brand over Time

Nature and Strength of Samsung Brand over Time

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Problem Statement
Should Samsung focus on a one-size-fits-all approach and advertise broadly or should it go for more complex customer segmentation in its marketing planning to achieve its goal of becoming a global blockbuster brand by 2005?

Major Issues

Nature and strength of Samsung brand over time
Earlier Samsung was majorly concentrated in Korea only and was known as OEM manufacturer. With Asian crisis, it strengthened itself by providing a resilient and enduring value proposition through its technological advances. Following are the various steps being taken to ensure Samsung brand-
• Focus on vertical integration and product breadth with hardware being its main strength
• Samsung ventured into Digital product innovation which provided it an edge over its rivals. Focus was on digital convergence where different technologies merged into a single product.
• Marketing for global markets was restructured and streamlined. Came out with a software M-Net to allocate advertising expenses.
Transition to a global brand
• Global Marketing Operations team was formed to cater to global markets and develop a strategy separately for different regions. However, every market would be aligned to deliver a consistent brand message throughout.
• DigitAll Campaign:- To ensure brand visibility. Uniquely placed Samsung viz-a-viz its rivals in providing a better experience to people, not just a better product.
• To attract this segment, Samsung associated itself with major sporting events like the Olympics and movies like “the Matrix”
• Penetrated in global emerging markets like India, China and Russia by opening up R&D centres.

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