* Retailers private labels have been most active in new launches and gaining market share in categories such as diapers, ketchups, floor cleaners, soups, breakfast cereals and toothbrush.
* Private brands from Food Bazaar have gone several notches higher in terms of overall sales
* Future Group, the country’s largest retailer, pulled Kelloggs breakfast cereals off the shelves of around 150 Big Bazaars.
* Future Groups snack brand Tasty Treat Share increases.
* Few retailers like Big Bazaar are even setting up a dedicated private brand team that operates just like an FMCG company.
* Private Brands over a period of time creates consumer loyalty to the store making more margins than national brands.
* HUL, P&G, Reckitt, Kellogg's Raise Margins Up To 25% to the retailers.


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