Navy Boot Camp

Navy Boot Camp

Navy Basic Training

Introduction: How many people in here know someone who is in the military? I do. I

know at least five people, including my boyfriend. When my loved ones joined the

military, I was nervous because of all the rumors going on about how tough boot camp

was. That is, until I researched it. And I know that some of you may have the same

apprehension that I did. Because of this, I am going to tell you exactly what occurs

at Navy basic training.

A. Basics
1. An 8 ½ week program
2. Held in Great Lakes, IL
3. Is one of the easiest military basic training programs physically
4. Very intensive in the classroom
5. Recently underwent changes
a. Less marching
b. 8 hours of sleep, no longer 6 ½.

B. P-Week- Processing Week
1. Learn Attention.
2. Paperwork.
3. Given your first uniform
a. Called ‘smurfs’ because of color
b. Worn until you get your next uniform
4. Assigned to a Recruit Division.
a. Each division- 80 people
b. Each division housed together in 1,000 person ‘ships’(dorms).
c. meet your RDC( Recruit Division Commander), Navy’s drill
5. Haircut
a. Very short. Nearly bald.
b. Only boot camp where women must cut their hair. Hair cut to bottom of collar.
6. Medical processing

C. Week One
1. First three weeks hardest.
2. First week hardest physically
3. Take initial swim test.
4. Introduced to military marching

D. Week Two
1. Get fitted for dress uniforms.
2. Take first written test, covering everything learned thus far.
3. First visit to “confidence course”.
a. May be...

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