GCSECW Writing Frame for the Nazi persecution of the Jews.

Describe how Jews were discriminated against in Germany from 1933 to 1939.

The situation for the Jews worsened when the Hitler became ‘dictator’ of Germany in 1993 because he believed that the Jews were plotting to take over the world and were behind the trouble in every country.
The first step that Hitler’s government took was the ‘boycott’ of Jewish businesses. This was to test how actively anti-Semitic the Germans could be and to frighten Jews into leaving Germany.

Ever since 1919 the Nazi’s had blamed Jews for the Versailles Treaty and Communist political briefs, and many Germans now believed that the Jews were turning Germany Communist.
Propaganda in the newspapers and cinemas made people believe these things, and the S.A. made in unpleasant for anyone who tried to buy things from Jewish shops.

At school the textbooks contained Anti-Semitic cartoons and information, and young people were expected to join the Hitler Youth, where they were told Jews caused all problems and were subhuman.
Jewish civil servants were sacked because it would be hypocritical to employ Jews but still dislike them, and slate them.

In 1933 it was too early to get rid of Jews who had been war hero’s, but by 1935 propaganda had changed people’s views and opinions.
In 1938 Jews lost their rights to own property or work in businesses.
Jews in the learned professions, arts and media were banned by the Reich Chamber of culture Law in 1933.

Political prisoners were people who spoke out or acted against the Nazis were charged with committing political crimes and were put in special prisons called concentration camps, like Belsen.
The S.S replaced the SA in 1934 and terrified the Jews because they were more important then the SA Hitler put the SS in charge of concentration camps.

The Nuremberg laws of 1935 made the Jews into second class citizens by taking the vote away from the Jews. And any Jew that married...

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