Nearly Tragedy in a Bus Station

Nearly Tragedy in a Bus Station

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Unit 10
Nearly tragedy in a bus station

It was a beautiful night on winter 1997. The moon was shining up in the sky, and although it was very cold, it was a very beautiful night in the bus station situated in “Chamical”, a little town in the northwest of La Rioja.

I remember I was eleven years old when an unforgettable and horrible situation (porque los momentos en ingles no sucenden... () happened in this boring town.

While we were waiting for the bus, we felt some sensation of boredom. So my brother Santiago didn’t have a better idea than asking me and my brother Mauro to play soccer with him. “Why not?” -we said- It seemed like a good plan to spend time in this place, but it turned up to be nearly a tragedy for me.

In spite of the station not being in optimal conditions of illumination and construction, we began to play soccer. It was a good match while it lasted. In the first arrival my shot was so strong that we couldn’t see were the ball fell.

We decide to look for the ball alone without telling our parents about it, because we believed they wouldn’t let us look for it in these risky conditions.

While we were looking for the ball, I saw it 20 meters away from the station, so I went to pick it up. When I was arriving, I couldn’t see a narrow and deep well which was just in front of me. So I fell four meters by the well.

I was so terrified; I couldn’t swim because of how narrow the well was. I thought I was dying. My only exit was to shout and to shout until someone heard me. Fortunately, a few people heard my screaming, including my father who came in to help me.

When I remember this experience, I think that if my father wouldn’t have come right on time I would be as well dead now. I believe we were very stupid and irresponsible, but my parents shouldn’t have alone in that place.

However, I believe it was my lucky night.

(Mi amor, este es mi escrito. Seguro tiene errores, yo escribo muy mal. Fijate. Gracias!)

(Mi amor! No...

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