Nectar in a Sieve

Nectar in a Sieve

Januaray 10, 1946

Dear Diary,

Today is the day I have been looking forward for my whole life. The day I am to be wed. A day where man and a woman would start the rest of their life with, the father of my children, someone to put a roof over my head. But I had feeled terrible for I feeled a sudden sickness come over me when it was time to depart! My husband had noticed this too. I was crying and my husband soothed me out and had comforted me. I could never forget this day. I knew from that day forward he was going to be a good husband to me.
I called him my husband instead of his real name, Nathan. For it was proper of me to call him my husband. The first day he introduced me to our mud hut, I didnt think much it but just a mud hut. But until our neighbor Kali had informed me that he had made it by hand, and did not have any help from anyone. This had made me proud of our hut for he had made it from his own two hands. I confronted him and asked him if this was so and was ashamed I was shocked because it should be something to be proud of. He was embarrassed because he had married above him and that it would be hard to impress. But really I was proud and glad to marry beneath me.


March 15, 1946

Dear Journal,

Kunthi have given birth to a fine boy named Janaki which I had helped her to give birth to which was stubborn when I would ask her if she needed any help with helping her. She was very stubborn and rude but i think that was just how she was. I have noticed a jealousy developing with Nathan lately with my learning and my education for he did not have none and it was not normal for a wife to have eduacation. This did not bother me as much because I had understood once he had given me a apology. Which I thought was high on his part and was very unespected from him.
He had been a bit strict when I would help Kunthi with her baby when I had one of my own and had to be concerned for the babies health for she was...

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