Need and Historical Development of Od

Need and Historical Development of Od

| Need and Historical Perspective of Organizational Development. |
|Organizational Development |
|Organizational Development is a field of practice that helps people and organizations work toward collective outcomes in a way that |
|considers |
|both organizational and individual interests. |

“Field of practice” † OD is a practice rather than a scientific discipline, a social movement, or an occupational category.
“People and organizations” † OD may deal with individual considerations but only in the context of the organizations that they belong to.
“Collective outcomes” † OD is concerned with meeting goals and needs as opposed to simply inculcating values or behaviors.
“Organizational and individual interests” † OD does not support manipulating people toward an end but rather promotes methods for mutually
achieved results.

Why we Need OD

To meet organizational goals

Unless your organization employs modern management techniques, it cannot be successful.
Unless you promote the happiness of your employees, you cannot achieve operational aims.
Unless you treat employees as internal customers, you will not have the customer service ethic that you need to improve your market share.
If you don’t treat employees well, you will have excessive turnover and won’t be able to hire the best people.
Teamwork is the key organizational need today, and OD has the answers as to how to make teams work.
Change is the constant principle of today, and you need OD to help people accept and promote change.
Quality is consideration number one, and...

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