Need Counselling, Go for It

Need Counselling, Go for It

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Each of us has certain needs to be satisfied, desires to be fulfilled and goals to be achieved in life. When these needs, desires and goals are not active or when I don’t perceive a situation in my external environment conducive to realise any of these, they remain in a potential form. This potential state of mine is otherwise called as my motivational state or simply the motivation.

When a congenial development takes place in my environment, I get an automatic start from within. It motivates or moves my action organs in working with it till my needs, desires or goals are realised. The motivation then gets expressed in terms of a typical behaviour in me. Further, for enabling my action organs to do that job with full efficiency in a sustained way till the end, I need to get enough energy supplied from within. The potential energy, which was locked up in my motivational state, gets released and assumes the form of kinetic energy to give me this support. And this energy behind motion is known as e-motivation, e-motion or simply the emotion.

It may so happen that I perceive a positive stimulus from my environment, also the required energy to sustain me to behave in a controlled manner to achieve a goal but instead of utilizing the same for the task on hand, it is getting used up in consuming me. This state is a very stressful situation and I suffer from acute depression. The accelerator is raced up but at the same time brakes are also being applied. The vehicle cannot move and reach the destination but the engine is getting hot and it is under stress. This is a period when I am also at my heightened state of confusion.

Of the various options, going for counselling then is more practical. What does a counsellor do? He will engage me in a conversation so that I develop clarity of my problem state in the discussion process, help me to locate all the needed resources which are already there within me, and finally make me prepared to use these resources to...

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