Need Fast

Need Fast

Electric FeelIf you’re at school, make the most out of the sewing machines you might have at your textiles class. Ask your teacher for advice about patterns and sewing techniques.

If you’re at college then check out the fashion related courses you can do that will let you develop your skills.

You might also want to start thinking about building up a portfolio of work. Get your mates to try on your pieces, take pictures of them and keep them in a book with samples of the fabrics.

If you think you’re too young to start, take a leaf out of Esteban Cortazar’s book. Now a renowned fashion designer at 24 years old, he started dressing windows at his local vintage shop when he was just 12. At 15 he was already showing his collection at Miami Fashion Week!

Further education
Doing a degree in fashion design is also something to seriously consider if you want to start your own label.

There are some universities that are recognised highly within the industry. London College of Fashion is famous for giving us shoe master Jimmy Choo. Competition is fierce though, so be prepared for a long interview process.

British designer Gareth Pugh is known for his outlandish clubwear clothes, and started off his design career on an Art Foundation course at City of Sunderland College, before going on to study Fashion Design at Central St Martins. Four years later he is already well on his way to becoming a big name in fashion. Watch the Fashion TV video.

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