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My most important goal while attending Patrick Henry High school is to achieve good academic grades. In the past school was not one of my top priorities, but during the past couple years it has become my number one priority. During my freshman year I could not focus on studying, because all I could think of what was happening at that moment instead of the future. By the time my sophomore year came around ,I had already given up on even attempting to study. At Patrick Henry it will be different. I will put all my efforts into doing well in class, using all of my time wisely, and be on top of maintaining good conduct.

First of all, good grades are my main goal. I know college is in my near future, so I will have to graduate with a high enough GPA to be accepted into a good college. I want to be able to focus all of my attention on school, so in the future I will be able to have choices about jobs that I could get. Therefore, I will persist on doing well in all of my classes. Also, I will spend a few minutes each day studying for tests and quizzes.

Furthermore, my time will be used wisely. After school, if time is permitted, I will attempt on finishing a portion of work. I enjoy working together in small groups or even just alone. From what I have heard, I know this is the perfect school setting for me to accomplish my goals. It is very rare for me to allow others to interfere with my goals, and although I have a few personal problems at the moment I will try not to let them interfere with my education. The idea of having the opportunity of graduating early is also a huge motivation. If I could just finish all my work early it would truly make my life much easier.

Third of all, maintaining good conduct is not a problem in my situation. During this school year I have not been written up and have only served one detention for being tardy. I know this school does not tolerate tardiness, which means that I will strive to be...

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