Needs and Wants

Needs and Wants

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NEEDS AND WANTS – Getting Lost

The task we were set was a challenge to be completed with 2-3 other people in about 30-35 minutes of class-time.
We were first put it groups. In my group, there were 4 people; Abdul-Rahman, Danilo, James and myself. After the groups were set, we were told to shut our eyes and a scene was given to us to imagine. The scene was that we had evacuated from a soon to crash airline and we had escaped to a nearby island from the emergency floats available on the airline. Basically we were lost and had to protect ourselves until we had contact with others outside this island. On this island we had to have 3 things: a shelter, clothing and a food box. This is where the task started. The teacher now gave us 2 sheets of A3 paper, a compass, a ruler, a pencil and a single pair of scissors. With the 2 A3 sheets, we had to make a shelter, clothing and a food box for each person which meant there had to be 4 of each thing, which wasn’t so easy, as the dimensions given were quite big.

5 cm

5 cm

Soon, our time began and we started working. Abdul-Rahman first started drawing the clothes, as the clothes were the biggest out of them all. We could only fit 2 circles for the clothes in one sheet on A3 so we carefully drew 2 circles on one sheet avoiding lots of spaces in between. Abdul-Rahman knew what we had to do, but at that time, I personally believed this was some sort of trick and there was some other way of drawing the items needed, because after seeing how much size 4 circles took in 2 A3 sheets, and how the paper was already so full, I thought it was impossible drawing the 4 shelters too, however the 4 food boxes would easily fit. As time went by, we tried different ways of saving space and drawing more. I tried making a triangle on the corner of the page at an angle, and luckily I was successful! This way worked, so we drew 2 triangles on each bottom corner of the paper which made 4 triangles fit in 2 sheets of A3, and the...

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