Needs Document

Needs Document

This is a needs document that I submit to Berry’s Bug Blaster IT department |

The Berry’s Bug Blasters company needs an online store front. The website is helpful for the customers that want information for pest control. If the website offered a catalog for the sale of self-use products, there would be an increase of sales because some customers like instant sales that include graphical details on the product. They can call and order products and the customer service will place the order but online sales keep the cost of the sale to a minimum.
That will create a need for a 24 FAQ site that will help users with the products they ordered. When a customer has a question it is usually that question has been asked time and time again this builds up a extensive library that can be used for the FAQ pages.

Use Case 1

Use Case: customer wants to buy self-use products
Design Scope: Berry’s Bug Blasters
Goal Level: Calculated
Main respondent: Customers wanting product
Main success scenario
1. Customer creates account.
2. Customer logs into account
3. Berry’s Bug Blasters offers catalog
4. Customer puts products into a virtual shopping cart
5. Customer pays
6. Products sent out and delivered
1a. Submitted required data is complete
1a1. Berry’s Bug Blasters approves account
2a. Customer uses data giving by Berry’s Bug Blasters
2a1. Berry’s Bug Blasters verifies account
3a. Give the user choices of self-use products
3a1. Offer 24 hours help desk for the products
4a. Have full shopping cart functions for customers
5a. Use secured payment methods
5a1. Customer makes payment
6a. Delivery processed and sent to customers
6a1. Customer receives product

Use Case 2
Use case: Customers want help support on the products.
1. Customer logs into the account that was created to purchase products
2. Berry’s Bug Blasters offers a 24 hour animated help desk Q&A...

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