Negative and Positive Aspects of Being a Journalist

Negative and Positive Aspects of Being a Journalist

Journalist is a very prestigious profession today. Many people want to write articles, take photos, generate creative ideas, have important information, communicate with famous people or become a star and travel around the world. But there are some negative points of being a journalist. Let us try to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand if you are a journalist you have a lot of useful and important information. So, they are the most informated people in our world and can understand political or economic situation almost in every country.
The most successful journalists have their own styles and opinions, which can be interesting for many people. Usually they take part in different TV or radio programmes and communicate with politicians, actors, musicians and other famous people.
Journalists also can travel around the world, see new places and events, meet new people and take photos for reportages.

But on the other hand if you are a journalist, you have to keep a record of all books you use for research as well as the websites you use. You never know when you might be asked where you got your information. So, you need to have really good memory and scrupulosity. Also it can be difficult to find the truth, but all people need to know the truth and you can't make a mistake because it can be dangerous.
And of course, when you are a journalist you have to work a lot and sometimes all day long.

In conclusion I should say that although this profession isn't so easy and requires some skills it became very fashionable.

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