Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors Market

Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors Market

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Thermistors are resistors that are made of semiconductor material and their resistance varies significantly with
temperature. Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors, a type of themistors, are non-linear resistors that
alter their resistance with temperature. NTC thermistor is a radial leaded disc that decreases its resistance as the
temperature increases. The NTC thermistor is used for temperature control, measurement and compensation. The
advantages of using NTC thermistor as compared to other temperature sensors include good electrical noise
immunity, standard two wire connection system, extension of temperature range with special construction,
availability of tight tolerances and many physical forms. The applications of NTC thermistors are categorized into
zero power sensing applications and temperature measurement applications. In zero power sensing applications, the
resistance versus temperature characteristic of NTC thermistor is utilized to sense temperature with little power
being dissipated. The temperature measurement application of NTC thermistors is the common application and is
used in low cost temperature measurement.
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