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October 28, 2008
English Comp 2
Dr. Egar 11:00-11:50

Problems with Technology

Technology is by far one of the greatest inventions in history. Since the birth of technology, it seems that it advances every day. From electronics to cleaning devices you can expect for something more advance to come out at least once a year. But, technology comes with many problems. Updates, viruses, and prices are some of the main problems when discussing problems with technology.
Some technology seems to upgrade frequently within one year. Some may upgrade every 15 days, 30 days or even every six months. Some cell phone carriers are known for upgrading every night. Some companies also use computers that have to upgrade every day. Depending on what type of product you have, it may be free to upgrade. But, for some individuals this can cost a lot of money. Because of how fast technology advances, we sometimes have to upgrade with it. Viruses are another big problem when it comes to computers.
A virus is something that can wipe out an entire computer system. They usually come from downloading. While downloading there is sometimes what we call “bad links”. These links are usually what carry the virus. Usually your computer will slow down, delete files or make your computer useless. This is a major problem in technology. Having a computer fixed once a virus is downloaded cost a lot of money. There are materials you can purchase that can detect viruses before you download something. Prices are also something that effect people from buying.
Prices for most technology are usually too high to afford. Most items start around $1,000 dollars. Some items aren’t even worth the price that is marked. Some parts to certain devices are very cheap and very fragile. Certain models are also too pricey. Models like Samsung, Sony, Sprint, and RCA are companies that have expensive prices. Wal Mart, Dollar General, and Family Dollar are just a few places that sell cheap...

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