Week 1 iLab Report
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NETW360: Wireless Technologies and Services

OPNET Preparation and Spread Spectrum Transmission Comparison

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OPNET Preparation
OPNET Preparation
Paste your Windows Explorer screenshot that shows your Citrix NETW360 directory structure here. An example screenshot appears in your Week 1 iLab tab.

I could not get my layout to look like yours professor. I took 2 screenshots to show the d number and my directory I created with the only available file in that directory.
Spread Spectrum Transmission Comparison
Introduction to Spread Spectrum Transmission
What is it? Why is it important? What issues are addressed? How does it work?
Spread spectrum is a method of wireless communication in which the frequency of the transmitted signal is deliberately varied. This is important because a much greater bandwidth is produced than if the signals frequency were not varied. The issues addressed are the signal that is constant is subject to disastrous interference. Second is a constant signal is easy to intercept and thus making it insecure. It works by having the signal varied and the receiving end in sync to accept the incoming signal. This helps with security because if a person was to try and jam the signal, they would have to be privy to the start and end point information.

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
What is it? How does it work? What issues are addressed? Why is it important?
Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) is a way of sending radio signals by changing carriers across different channels with pseudorandom sequence that is already known by the sender and receiver. Let’s say in a certain time frame the frequency has jumped from one to thousands of times. So when a frequency is
    interfered, the system quickly jumps through to the next free frequency. This is important because even tho it appears to be random it’s not and the...