NETW 208 Week 1 WAN Technologies You decide

NETW 208 Week 1 WAN Technologies You decide

NETW 208 Week 1 WAN Technologies You decide

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Week 1: WAN Technologies – You Decide
Congratulations! You have recently been promoted to coordinate the design and installation of a new network at your company’s branch offices in Cleveland. The manager at this location (Kim) is a hands-on type of person, but possesses little technical knowledge of data communications. Kim has requested that you keep her updated along each step of the network’s design and configuration process. She has also requested that you explain each of the available options, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that you have made.

Your Role/Assignment
After reviewing Chapters 1 and 6, provide Kim with a two-page detailed report on how you plan to start this project, and a complete explanation of the options available for WAN and Teleworker connectivity. Also, be sure to explain the basis of the branch office network and teleworker connectivity design in terms of the two models discussed in chapter 1. While Kim is a marketing genius, keep in mind that she is not a tech-savvy person. Be sure to explain this very clearly so Kim is not frustrated and lost during the first phase of this project.
Ken Rogers, Corporate Manager
Ken Rogers is the corporate manager of the Pittsburgh, PA office. Ken has control over the new Cleveland branch office on a corporate level. Even though Kim is the branch manager of the Pittsburgh office, she has to get final approval on all designs (especially in the area of technology) and purchases from Ken.

Kim Brown, Branch Manager

Kim Brown is the branch manager for the new Cleveland office and oversees all the designs (especially in the area of technology) and purchases for it. Even though Ken Rogers gets the final approval for them, Kim is the person who everyone involved with the...

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