Network and Technology Communications

Network and Technology Communications

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Communication is an act of imparting and exchanging of thoughts or information between two entities (Encarta) . In technical terms, communications is a way or means of transfer and exchange of different types of data or information via telephone, mobile phones, computers and the like.

As of today's generation, communication is already used in our everyday lives. Because of technology, communication is just in our hands waiting to be reached. Technology helps us enhance and make connections easily. We can make connections with other people through different ways.

In terms of computers, there is what we call computer communications and network. Computer communications describes a process in which two or more computers or devices transfer data, instructions and information (Discovering Computers 2007). Networking, on the other hand, pertains to communication through connections of computers or other devices.

As technology emerges rapidly, our dependence on it emerges along with it. Because of the great advantages that it gives from organizations to regular individuals, communications technolgy is ubiquitous.

For companies and organizations, having communications technology is a must. Working in the company without it results to incompetence and downfall. Technology has a role in each company's battle or competition with its competitors. With communications technology, companies geographically dispersed become more manageable, hevay companies' middle management will be trimmed down and barriers between divisions will be broken down.

In communications technology, wireless communications is now emerging. Wireless communications helps us decrease our problems with wired systems and offers us mobility and more. Some of the aspects of wireless communication are the WLAN or the Wireless Local Area Network and the Bluetooth systems.

Description of Technologies

Analysis and Comparison

Both the IEEE 802.11 standard and the bluetooth...

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