Network Configuration Management Documentation

Network Configuration Management Documentation

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Network Configuration Management Documentation
In order to keep the network infrastructure running at an optimal state, we need to create a Network Configuration Management document. This document will be critical to the management of your network as it will allow you to quickly see where an issue may be if a problem arises. You can also determine as quickly as possible both how to upgrade components of that network and what effects such an upgrade might have. This documentation would cover everything from what wires were used, what components are installed, the type of network monitoring, as well as how employees using the network should be trained.
Network Connectivity
An important part of the network that must be documented is the network connectivity. This would detail the vast amount of information regarding the machines on the network and how they are connected. This will include the wiring scheme which details the cabling and connectors used on the network. It will describe the specific types of UTP used as well as the TIA/EIA standard used in the RJ-45 crimps. Additionally, the documentation will detail which connectors plug into the PCs, switches, and routers, making it easier to diagnose problems as well as make changes when needed.
To give detailed information on how devices on the network connect, a network diagram needs to be created as well. This diagram will show the physical runs as well as the type of connection for each device. The network diagram is very detailed as it includes every machine, switch, router, server, modems, and wireless access points, including the model of each one. See figure 1 for an example of a typical network diagram.

Figure 1 - Network Diagram

The last piece to document for network connectivity is the network map. The network map goes further into each component on the network and documents the IP addresses, protocols, ports and more. Figure 2 shows an example of a network map....

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